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Bears rotating parts such as wheels.

Stores the electrical energy of the SolarBiker.

Butterfly nut
Nut that has two “wings”

Stores electrical energy

CE Mark
Tag for product safety issued by the European Union

Coherent set of interlocking and movable links, normally metal

Counter Module
Baugruppe des SolarBikers zum Zählen der Pedalumdrehungen

Display module
Shows electrical data such as the energy stored in Storage Module of the SolarBiker.

Electronic Energy
Also known as power or electricity

Electric power production
The "production" of electricity is the transformation of another form of energy into electric energy, for example, the conversion of solar energy with the solar cells of the SolarBikers.

Electric motor
Electrical engine, which converts electrical energy into rotary motion, for example, the motor that powers the SolarBiker.

Ability to work. Those who work need energy!

Energy Storage
Storing energy for later use

Combination of electric engine and gearbox

Gears combination
Use of different gears on the SolarBiker, such as the gears with 20 and 60 teeth.

Global radiation
Total amount of solar energy hitting the earth's surface

Light source
Light radiating object, such as a light bulb or the sun

Multiple pieces that have been put together into a larger unit, for example, the legs on the SolarBiker.

Renewable Energy
Energy from renewable sources such as from the sun

Reset button
A button that resets something to its initial state, like the button to reset the counter on the SolarBiker to zero

Series circuit
Combination of several electrical components in series

The SolarBiker is a model bicycle from Solar-Dorf Kettmannshausen that requires self assembly and that is an experimental tool for fun learning.

Solar cell
An electrical device for the direct conversion of solar energy into electrical energy

Solar Panel
Component with several solar cells in a housing

Transmits and transforms mechanical (kinetic) energy

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